Chainsaw Training in Lincolnshire

Antony Price is a City & Guilds NPTC and LANTRA Awards Trainer and Assessor able to provide freelance arboriculture training and chainsaw courses through training providers in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

Antony provides free advice to people who want to come into the industry and further their careers within Arboriculture/Forestry on chainsaw training, arboricultural training and machinery training.

As an independent freelance chainsaw instructor Antony is ideally placed to advise you in the correct direction and can put you in touch with the most suitable training providers in your area.

If you are interested in Arboriculture, Antony teaches an introduction Level 2 Certificate, kick starting a new career, or consolidating your current knowledge of the industry.

Antony provides training and assessment in the following skills through either City and Guilds NPTC or Lantra Awards. Please call Antony to clarify which course is best suited to you, in your area.

Arboriculture Training, Forestry Training

Level 2 Tests:

  • New NPTC 002001 & 002009, Old CS30.1 – Award in Chainsaw Maintenance, Lantra Awards 972
  • New NPTC 002002, Old CS30.2 - Award in Cross Cutting Timber using a Chainsaw, Lantra Awards 975
  • New NPTC 002003, Old CS30.1 & 30.2 - Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting
  • New NPTC 002004, Old CS31 – Award in Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm, Lantra Awards 976
  • New NPTC 002005, Old CS37 - Award in Branch Removal and Breakdown of a Crown, Lantra Awards 981
  • New NPTC 002006 & 002010, Old CS48 - Award in Safe use of Powered Pole Pruner, Lantra Awards 984
  • New NPTC 002007, Old CS38.1 - Award in Accessing a Tree Using a Rope and Harness
  • New NPTC 002008, Old CS45 - Award in supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off Ground Tree Related Operations, Lantra Awards 982
  • New NPTC 030509, Old A06 - Certificate of Competence in Manually Fed Wood chipper Operations
  • New NPTC ASG 02, Old AO7 - Certificate of Competence in Stump Grinding Operations
  • New NPTC 002012, Old CS30-31 - Award in Ground Based Chainsaw Operator
  • New NPTC 002013, Old CS38.1 & CS38.2 - Award in Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue, Lantra Awards 986
  • NPTC AMWP02, 0412 Unit 1-3 - Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use and Operation of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (Equal to IPAF)
  • NPTC CS 0974 CS47, Award to Operate a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Platform

Level 3 Tests:

  • New NPTC 002101 & 002111, Old CS32 – Award in Felling and Processing Trees Over 380mm
  • New NPTC 002102, Old CS34 & CS35 – Award in Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees using a Chainsaw, Lantra Awards 980
  • New NPTC 002103, Old CS50 - Award in Assisted Fell Operations
  • New NPTC 002104 & 002112 - Award in Preparing and Agreeing Emergency Tree Work Operations
  • New NPTC 002105, Old CS50 - Award in Emergency Tree Work Operations
  • New NPTC 002106, Old CS38.2 – Award in Aerial Tree Rescue Operations, Lantra Awards 986
  • New NPTC 002108, Old CS39 – Award in Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw Using Free-Fall Techniques, Lantra Awards 987
  • New NPTC 002107 & 002113, Old CS40 – Award in Aerial Tree Pruning, Lantra Awards 988
  • New NPTC 002109, Old CS41 – Award in Aerial Tree Rigging, Lantra Awards 989